How to organize the documents (Archive)

Archive the documents in an organized way is essential to avoid wasting time searching documents every time you or other homeowner needs to check some matter. Whatever is the chosen strategy, it should be consisted during the all accounting period and, ideally, should be consistent from administration to administration.

We propose separate the documents by:

  • Bank (BK)
    Account Statements, notification and other documents exchange width the Bank.
  • Bills (BI)
    Water supply bills, electricity bills, cleaning bills, etc ...
  • Generic mail (GM)
    Letters received or send to homeowners, suppliers, etc ...
  • Check Records (CR)
    Track of every pre-printed check or/and used checks.
  • Closing (CL)
    Documents presented at the end of the exercise to the homeowners assembly, like Cash Diary, Income Statement, Quote Map, Next Year Financial Plan, etc.. .

All documents should be archived order by document date.

Numbering documents

As stated before, documents should be order by documents date. To provide an easy way to reference the supporting document at each transaction, an sequential number should be write down at the top right corner of each document.

Each folder (Bank, Bills) should have is own sequential number. To distinguish use an prefix like BK1, BK2, BK3 ... for Bank and BI1, BI2 Bi3, ... for Bills.

This way its only need to place a number in front of each transaction description to point to the bill or Quote that justify that specific transaction. This procedure also makes you management more transparent and reliable to the other homeowners.


Contracts are transversal to Management Periods. Since they pass to next Administrations, the best is to archive them on dedicated folders. To keep search simple, active contracts should be placed on one Folder and ended Contracts on other, ordered by Company name.