How to do meeting minutes

Minutes are an record of what happen at the Meeting. They constitute an very important document to support actions taken by President (or administrators) or to present to Institutions as proof of Homeowners Association deliberations. 

Minutes should record only relevant information. Discussions itself are not important, only the outcome of them witch are decisions made and tasks assigned.

Minutes should be informal. Every subject description should contain implicit the answer to the following questions:

  • What (what are we referring too)?
  • Who (who, person or entity is the subject)?
  • When (when action took or will take place?

A Minute should have:

  • Identification of the Homeowners Condo Association, ex: HOA of building at whatever street , number 2, My Town.
  • Minute Order number
  • Day, hour and location where the Meeting took place
  • The agenda, as informed in the Meeting Request.
  • Decisions made and respective Pool result.
  • Tasks assigned.
  • All numbers should be written as words.
  • All blank spaces should be blocked.
  • Conclude as presented in the site example.
  • Identification and signature of everyone present.

To better prepare an Meeting  check pageMeetings. More information about Meetings and Meeting Minutes at site effective meetings

Attached documents

Documents don't need to be transcribe to the Minute. They can be referenced if they comply width the following:

  • Be well identified, ex: Income Statement of 2009 exercise, building located at street ...
  • Have his identification written in all pages
  • Have pages numbered using  X of Y format.
  • Be Dated
  • Be Signed by the authors (President or Administrators).

Example for Handwrite Minute


HOA of Building on Whatever Street, N 3, My Town                   

Minute nº ___

At the Six day of month January, Year two thousand and nine, by twenty hours and thirty minutes, took place in  this building meeting room, a meeting conducted by John Brown, width the next agenda:

Write the agenda from the meetings request

For each discussed matter, write decisions made and tasks assigned.


Subject: Building Paint (Example)

The Homeowners Association decide to accept, by representative majority, proposal of company "Paint Forever". 


Subject: Cleaning Service Contract (Example)



Width no further subjects, the meeting ended. This Minute will be send to all homeowners, present or not.


The President - Door X - John Brown ...

Signed participants List
Fraction - Name
A - John Brown ..  
B - Charles ...DarwinYes 
C - Mary ...NoRepresented by Charles Darwin
L - Juliet .. No