HOA Management Guide

Welcome to Guia Condomínio

Guia Condomínio is an space dedicated to Self-Managed Home Owners Associations. It provides an simple and comprehensive guidance through administrative tasks, for managing condominiums administrated by Homeowners. Guia Condomínio is also an space where the Administrator, or any of homeowners council, can find tips, tools and advices that can help reducing the ecological footprint of the condominium and also reducing expends.

Managing an Condominium is not a difficult task but requires some experience or some guidance, normally passed from the former Administrator. Knowing Bookkeeping discipline its not essential but it helps allot. Guia Condomínio provides guidance to the principal administrative's and bookkeeping tasks, so you can produce quality work and save time. It uses Bookkeeping guidelines in a simplistic way to keep track of every financial transaction and to produce useful and easy understandable documentation. Also, provides one spreadsheet prepared to be used width the Guide, letters and energy consume simulators.